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by Ammorindish on May 27, 2012 at 07:13 PM
Hello everyone. Many of you have most likely been wondering where the hell I've these past two weeks. Having led most of you since the start of Trinity I have gained a number of unforgettable experiences therefore it's only fair that I inform you all of my situation and the reason for my absence. For most players, including myself, finals are over and summer is just starting. Many of you have noticed my gradually diminishing play time on WoW to the point now where I rarely log on. No I'm not dead. No i'm not playing Diablo 3. The honest truth at the moment is that my summer schedule does not allow me to raid/play as frequently as before. I know this may seems counter intuitive - why would I be busy during the summer? Currently I am involved in a number of activities that require much of my spare time including preparing for college, performing at shows, and running a number of projects on the side.

Will I be back? Yes. However I do not expect people to wait for me. From what i have heard, raids have been continuously been seeing low population/log on rates and there are only a few old-time members who are working to keep Trinity alive. Whether or not it will work depends on the people who are left to run the guild. If you all have plans to continue the guild here is what i suggest.
  • Recruit active players constantly. Thereby switching out inactive players and maintaining an active roster.
  • Keep the guild website updated.
  • Stay active on the Molten forums.
  • Keep running regular raids.
  • Most importantly, always have members for raids. Whether they are new or old.

Currently I do not know how long I will be gone from WoW. This is entirely dependent on my schedule as well as the periods of time in which I will not have internet. However it shouldn't be anymore then two months at most. After that I will return and pick up the pieces. I will evaluate my course load for next semester after I've gotten an idea of how much time I have to dedicate to my classes and then come to a final decision as to how long/seriously I will be playing WoW. When I return, I fully understand that there will be a couple scenarios that i would potentially see when I get back. A. Trinity is dead. B. Trinity continues to grow under the guidance of newly elected officers/hierarchy. C. Trinity continues to go on but with lack luster raid performance. Regardless I will work to piece things back together from whatever form they may be in.

Until then I will be stalking the forums and watching all of you O.O. Good luck.
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